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Why You Will Love Our Group Fitness Classes (5 Reasons To Join The Club)

Blog by Pete Simon @petesimon 

Why You Will Love our Group Fitness Classes (5 Reasons to Join the Club)

The term group fitness encompasses any and all forms of fitness done in a group setting. At Total Rebuild all our sessions are led by a personal trainer with years of experience. We’ve been at the forefront of programming both aerobic and strength based group fitness classes for years now, and this form of exercise is growing in popularity, find out why you should be involved.  

Group Fitness Class at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

Total Rebuild offers a whole schedule of group fitness classes that includes kettlebells, strength training, cardio and barbell work. We rival some of the oldest group fitness classes by offering sessions and programmes that differ from those in a larger gym. What sets us apart is the delivery and care you get from our coaches.  

If you’ve never taken a group fitness class, then you’ve likely never experienced the many benefits, including extra motivation and friendly competition.

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1. Personal Training Without the High Costs Personal training can be expensive, but many people still need help with form, accountability, and overall results. At Total Rebuild, ALL of our sessions are part of periodised programme designed to get results, just like you’d pay for with PT. Instead of struggling through every workout, or risking injury, take a group fitness class, which allows you to work alongside our fitness professionals – minus a lot of the cost! Our coaches are buzzing around the facility, always there to answer questions when you have them. If you have questions come early or stay late if you can’t ask in class, and we’ll do our best to help you out. Watch and learn throughout the session as we correct and help others, you can learn a lot just by listening to our coaching points.

Group Fitness Class at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

2. Accountability To Create a Workout Routine. If your problem is getting to the gym in the first place, a group class can be all the motivation you need. Head to a Rebuild class, and with one of our coaches guiding you through the session, you only have to show up and get involved! Booking in beforehand holds you accountable too, we’ll give you a reminder when your session is due. The fact that group fitness classes occur on a set day and time works wonders with creating structure around physical activity, even for people who struggle with workout consistency. As opposed to hoping you’ll make it to the gym at some point during the day, choosing a class to attend and signing up in advance creates a greater sense of accountability and enables you to plan your day around your workout (and your health!).

Kettlebell Training Class at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

 3. Group Fitness Is Fun. Period. Hands down one of the most popular reasons for taking a group fitness class is the simplest: They’re just plain fun. With music playing and everyone else working hard with you, sharing in the struggle and the success, it can feel more like a game than a workout. This is especially true of our Kettlebells and Shred classes, which are built around high-energy music and team encouragement. As much as I love the phrase “no pain, no gain” in fact, an effective workout should also be a fun one, as the more enjoyment you experience during exercise, the more likely you are to stick with a regular routine of physical activity. Which leads us nicely on to reason 4.

Group Fitness Class Boxing Training at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

4. Camaraderie and Competition. Everyone is in it together in a group fitness class, and the camaraderie among our members is incredible. For people who like to be social, this is an important factor. For those who are competitive, the social aspect can provide a bit of friendly competition, pushing you to work harder than the person next to you. This is why group fitness is perfect for keeping you motivated, and helps you graft through a workout you might otherwise have breezed through. With the class community and the instructor pushing you, you’ll work harder than if you’d gone at it alone. The feeling of being part of something bigger and the camaraderie forged in our group fitness classes is something that quite simply can’t be replicated. Group fitness classes scream positivity, and Rebuild welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels to come together in one inclusive experience, to improve together with intention, without judgement.  

Customers Training at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

5. Explore Movement in a New Way. If you find yourself stuck in a fitness rut, group fitness can be a perfect option for adding variety to your routine, while also ensuring a well-rounded approach to exercise.

Do you dread the idea of hours on a treadmill to get your cardio in? Try attending our Kettlebell class to improve endurance while burning just as many, if not more, calories.

Feeling weak at the kid’s sports day? Try a Shred class to improve your general fitness and enhance your bragging power at the school gates.

Our Strength and Crosstraining classes will help you build a solid base to stay injury free however you spend your weekends, chasing the kids, football with the lads or racing for podiums.

Group Fitness Class at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth

How To Prep for Your First Group Fitness Class  

For all Rebuild classes, the following should set you up for success;  

  • Bring a sweat towel, you’re gonna sweat!
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Talk to the instructor before class if you have any questions or concerns. It’s good to tell us if you have an injury, niggle or concern of some kind.
  • Get a look at the session on the board before class and ask about anything you’re not sure about.
  • Talk to other members. While this isn’t mandatory, it may give you insight on what to expect as a first timer.  

Group fitness is a great way to find motivation and accountability, while working with a trainer who can provide assistance with form and help you get results. Ask about a membership and enquire about which group classes might be best for you. Your first class is free so you can see how Rebuild sessions work before you commit, you’ll love it.  

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Your first class is on us, so you can sign up confident that we’re the right place to get your sweat on.

Pete Simon, Transformation Coach at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength in Plymouth


Pete Simon is a transformation coach who helps busy people get results and look great.

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